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A former Southern Pacific caboose is now part of the Truckee Donner Railroad Society Museum collection. Special thanks to Pamela Dobbas for the donation of the caboose. Also thanks to Jeff Thatcher for helping to arrange the donation, Al Marshall [Handcrafted Structures], whose team handcrafted a pair of tie structures for the bases, and to Dobbas and LSI who provided the truck and crane respectively, and who did an excellent no-hassle job of loading, moving, and unloading/setting up our new Yard Office, Gift Shop, and Musuem Headquarters.  The caboose, last seen as Teichert's Hirschdale Pit Office, is now sitting next to the BrownHoist Crane at the present Truckee RR Museum site. The caboose will house the TRDS Museum headquarters and gift shop. Thanks to Al Marshall of Handcrafted Stuctures for providing the new pedestals that the caboose rests on.

Below - The caboose in its new home.

Caboose new location

caboose backside

Below - Interior of the caboose:

caboose interior

Caboose interior

The caboose move
Check out the story on the move of the caboose.


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