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Suggested Video's

There are many great video's depicting railroading in the Truckee area.

Mainline - CP/SP/UP

Steam Over Donner
Donner Rails - ©1999
52 minutes - Color - VHS
Covering the UP 3985 Challenger and 844 Northern engines in 1999 as they wound their way over Donner. They were on their way to Railfair '99 in Sacramento, and the dedication of the revamped yard in Roseville.

The Battle for Donner Pass
Video Rails - ©1992
75 minutes - Color - VHS
The incredible story of the battle for passage over Donner Pass in the snowy winter. Learn about the snowfighters and their equipment as they battle incredible odds.

Donner Pass - Granite Series Volume 1
ICON Video Productions - ©1996
40 minutes - Color - VHS
Breathtaking scenery as modern trains climb one of America's toughest grades.

Flangers, Spreaders, and Steam Rotary Snow Plows
Pentrex - ©1999
30 minutes - Color - VHS
See all three types of railroad snow removal in action. Set in the early 1950's, this video shows cab forward steam engines and early F units removing snow from over Donner Summit. 30 extra minutes of Pentrex trailers show other railroad action.

Snow on the Run
18 minutes - Color - VHS
Pentrex Video
Film and photos of the Southern Pacific fighting snow on Donner Pass and Yuba Gap in 1952,
including the snowbound City of San Francisco


Narrow Gauge Logging Railroads of El Dorado County
Catenary Video
50 minutes - Color and Black & White -VHS
Diamond and Caldor, and Michigan-California Lumber Company

A Rough Cut Life; Logging Railroad Stories
Warren Haack/Tuolumne Films - Available from Catenary Video
30 minutes -Color and Black & White -DVD
Interviews with loggers who operated on the West Side Lumber Co., the Pickering Lumber Co., the Diamond and Caldor, and the Hammond Lumber Co.

Gears in the Woods
Sunday River Productions - ©1979
28 minutes - Color - VHS
Covering many logging operations of the western Sierras, this video is representative of logging around the Truckee area.

Steam Operated Sawmill
Green Frog Productions - ©2000
30 minutes - Color - VHS
Interesting video of the last operating steam operated sawmill. In the heyday of lumber operations in Truckee, there we dozens of these mills in the area.

Logging Railroads of the Sierras
Pentrex - ©1992
20 minutes - Color - VHS
More logging operations of the western Sierras. Covers the West Side and Pickering Lumber Companies.


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