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Sleeper Car

Below is the 10-6 City of San Francisco blunt-end sleeping car. Designated Southern Pacific 9053 painted in the COSF sheme for interchange service. It was built by Pullman-Standard in 1950.

Blunt-end 10 roomette, 6 double bedroom SP 9053 was built by Pullman Standard under lot 6874 and delivered to Southern Pacific on July 21, 1950. It and sister car SP 9054 were built under plan 4140D for the new streamlined Cascade. As delivered this car was painted in SP's two-tone-gray scheme and featured a square eched glass tailsign for the Oakland California to Portland Oregon Cascade. Being the last car in the consist, it also featured an oscilating Mars light, fixed marker lights, and streamlined side-mounted marker lights.

During its service career the car eventually lost its tailsign to a neon replacement. Following in 1963 with the era of the streamliners coming to a close, SP 9053 was taken off of the Cascade pool and transferred to interchange service. The car would emerge in 1963 in Armour Yellow and Harbor Mist Gray for service over the Overland Route connecting with the Union Pacific at Ogden Utah. The car retained its number, but would lose the rear light package to a diaphragm that was installed on the blunt-end so the car could be used anywhere in the train.

SP 9053 was retired on March 27, 1969 from Pullman lease and was part of the California State Railroad Musum and Golden Gate Railroad Museum's collection before coming to its new home.

sleeper car

Being delivered to a temporary staging area in preparation for moving to Truckee.

sleeper temporary move

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