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Brown Hoisting Machinery Company Crane #3038

This is a ten ton capacity Brown Hoisting Machinery Company crane.  In its long life, it has been utilized in a number of locations as a railroad crane, and in the forest as a log-loader.  It has a very interesting work history.  One of our projects is to return it to its log-loader configuration, to demonstrate one way that logs were placed on log cars in the Truckee area. A very versital piece of equipment, it is entirely self powered. Not only can the crane be rotated, raised and lowered, but it can move itself up and down the track! 

Brownhoist Crane

Below - Builders Plate from the crane.

crane builders plate

Below - Some orginal Brownhoist literature.

Brownhoist Advertisement

Below: Drawing of the crane. Click it to see an enlarged version.Brown Hoist Mechanical Drawing

Below - Originally steam powered, it has since been converted to internal combustion. First shot shows where the steam piston mounted, and where the connecting rod hooked on to rotate the shaft. Second shot shows the spot where the ash pan was originally cleaned out. Third is a view of the underside where the boiler drain plug is located. Finally the radiator for the internal combustion engine.

steam powered

steam powered

steam powered

gas conversion of the Crane

Moving the Crane
See some of the excitement of moving the crane from the California State Railroad Museum to Truckee..

Map to the Museum
Come by and see the latest pieces of equipment on display! The pieces are located on Church Street just off of Donner Pass Road directly adjacent to Truckee-Tahoe Lumber Co.



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